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Community Events

Art Jam
2-23-18 6:00 pm - 865 Laurel
Creativity Club Mid Peninsula

Life is creative! What is special about this club? This is time set aside just for creativity and yourself. Here you will find an atmosphere of positivity, fun, acceptance and support. The space where we meet is an art school (Lascaux Academy, El...

Meditation for Life
2-23-18 6:00 pm - 865 Laurel
Crystal Springs Sangha

Please park in the lower lot; that is, to your left as you enter the property. There are a few handicapped accessible parking places in the upper lot. Meetup usually shows that only 1 or 2 people are attending. Not so! Our average attendance is...

Friday Night Mix-it-up
2-23-18 6:00 pm - 865 Laurel
Mid-Peninsula Tabletop-Gaming League

As a first step to gaming every week, I will have gaming on the other alternate weeks on Friday nights. To begin with, we will try have the Friday night gaming be more thematic. With a focus on a single game or type of game. You are welcome to...

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