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The First Rule of Write Club is...
7-17-18 7:00 pm
San Mateo Science Fiction Writing Meetup

• What we'll doBare minimum, you're going to write with few distractions. In an old, dusty, musky library room that saw its last renovation a century ago. And you'll be surrounded by folks who not only love to write, too, but adore...

ENJOY your Reiki practice!
7-17-18 7:00 pm
Belmont Reiki Share Meetup

We'll start with guided meditation and self-Reiki, and then treat each other, as well as any stranger who wants to come for free Reiki. We'll share our experiences and build new friendships. Meetings will normally be held just once a month, on...

Free Talk・フリートーク
7-17-18 7:00 pm
San Mateo Japanese/English Exchange 〜サンマテオ日本語と英語交流会

This is a Meetup where you can practice Japanese or English with others interested in Japanese and American culture. Topics are not set and are only dependent upon the participants. Beginners of both languages are welcome to join. Feel free to...

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