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Waterdog Lake Park
7-16-18 6:30 pm - Hillsdale Mall Starbucks
San Mateo Dogs Meetup

Walk Waterdog lake trail from the entrance on Lyle up to the lake, then to the gate at the top of the trail and back. Out and back takes ~1 hr. Great opportunity for off-leash if your dog has good recall and there are no parks people around.

Let's meetup and go to an incredible open mic at Saint James Gate in Belmont.
7-16-18 6:30 pm - Hillsdale Mall Starbucks
Best of the Bay Area Bands Network

Saint James Gate, in Belmont, is one of the most popular clubs in the Peninsula. This open mic is for a single, band, acoustic, or electric musicians of all styles. The talent is exceptional, and food is awesome. Hosted by Gayle Sutherland, and...

Evening Coffee Talk
7-16-18 6:30 pm - Hillsdale Mall Starbucks
Business About Japan

Please bring your business cards so that we can exchange and keep the information.

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